Zoom Videoconferencing

Zoom is a audio/video service that may be used for videoconferencing and webinars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zoom access is only provisionally approved pending the outcome of an RFP in 2021.

Purchasing Advisory (ITS)

The Purchasing Advisory service offering provides guidance and advice, and responds to queries on IT purchasing policy and procedure. This service is contacted when determining

Purchase Compliance (ITS)

The Purchase Compliance service offering investigates the appropriateness and completeness of purchase orders going to procurement.

Contracts (ITS)

The ITS Contracts service offering negotiates ITS related agreements with 3rd parties and ensures that the terms are in accordance with university policies.

Budget Forecasting (ITS)

The Budget Forecasting service offering provides standard, scheduled budget reports (finding) reflective of the current state of the CIO portfolio budget including applied changes.

DAC Report (ITS)

The DAC Report service offering engages and provides guidance, costing templates, financial metrics, forecasts and benefits analysis to prepare a report suitable for Divisional Advisory Committee (DAC) approval.

AP Inquiry (ITS)

The AP Inquiry service provides an informed response to inquiries from internal and external parties about status of ITS invoice payments.

Billing/Chargeback (ITS)

The ITS Billing/Chargeback service offering collects funds for Central IT services by providing the service recipient with the information to fulfill their obligation to pay and collects their payments.

Payroll (ITS)

The ITS Payroll Administration service offering administers and ensures regular payment of salaries to ITS staff.

Phone set catalogue

The Phone Set Catalogue service offering conveys use of a catalogue of provider links to purchase supported telephone sets (Meridian business sets and single line sets).