CRIS Spotlight

A series of curated webpages with content on hot topics relevant to researchers.

Research Roundup

A weekly digest of research & innovation communications, featuring resources, sponsor and funding information and university updates.

CRIS Resource Hub

A searchable and filterable catalogue of research and innovation tools, services and supports that are available across the tri-campus community.

CRIS Video Library

A self-serve video library where faculty and staff can stream past events and browse self-paced video content.

CRIS Calendar Page

A central calendar of training offerings and events for faculty researchers.

My Research Online (MROL)

The My Research Online service offering provides access to Primary Investigator (PI) accounts to enable review of research applications, ethical reviews or research funds administered by University of Toronto.
Accounting information related to FIS research accounts is refreshed daily. Summary and detailed views of the information are available.