Policy, Protocols, Procedures and Guidelines

The Policy. Procedures and Guidelines (PPG) service is responsible for authoring, collating and presenting IT policies, procedures and guidelines and promoting them through the University. Units may obtain guidance on the implementation, application, and interpretation of PPG. Units may also request assistance in the development of local PPG. Suggestions for areas of PPG development may be sent here.

Enterprise IT Update Committee

The Enterprise IT Update committee is a forum for divisional and departmental IT leaders to learn about and discuss enterprise-level technologies, practices, policies and procedures. The committee meets quarterly.

Gartner Research Services

The University maintains a 3-tiered license with Gartner. Gartner provides IT research, contract and RFP consulting, implementation guides. toolkits and templates for IT assessments, and access to analysts for consultations on a broad range of topics.

IT Services Catalogue

The IT Services Catalogue service offering advises on available IT services at University of Toronto.

Policy on Information Security and the Protection of Digital Assets

The Policy on Information Security and the Protection of Digital Assets service offering formulates IT Services policies pertaining to information security and protection of digital assets based on community consultation and feedback. Information regarding the Policy may be found here. The U of T Chief Information Security Officer is the designated authority for the Policy’s implementation and application.

TechQual Survey

The TechQual Survey service offering advises on the quality of IT services at the University of Toronto.

Gartner IT Score

The Gartner IT Scores are a collection of benchmarking toolkits that apply to different aspects of information technology deployments. Through a questionnaire, the IT Score methodology provides diagnostics are designed to help you measure, prioritize, and improve your function’s performance on critical activities. IT Score activities are facilitation by the Planning, Governance, and Assessment unit of the CIO Office. Contact:

Educause Core Data Service

The Core Data Service is an annual survey that collects data on institutional budgets, priorities, and detailed information on many core services such as security, academic technologies, data centre capabilities. Hundreds of universities worldwide participate. Data for analysis are available to site administrators and contributors. The data collection process normally runs from July through November.