Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) provisions the following key services to support the business needs of the University of Toronto community:

  1. Landing zone – implementation & managed
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Cloud consultation

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System Management

The System Management service is for clients with operating systems on a virtual machine hosted in the ITS Private Cloud by the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Hardware Infrastructure Group (EIS-HIG). This service includes: configuration (storage, CPU, memory/RAM) database access, firewalls, maintenance, monitoring, security, service disruption, upgrades, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP/Python/Perl), ASP.NET/MS SQL website hosting.

Network Time Service (NTP)

The Network Time Service (aka NTP) provided by EIS allows your Unix/Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers and workstations to obtain and maintain accurate time.

Web Development Services

The Web Services & Development service offering interprets department or unit academic or administrative requirements to provide a turnkey website (re) design and hosting.


Survey and data collection tool

Zoom Videoconferencing

Zoom is a audio/video service that may be used for videoconferencing and webinars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zoom access is only provisionally approved pending the outcome of an RFP in 2021.

Purchasing Advisory (ITS)

The Purchasing Advisory service offering provides guidance and advice, and responds to queries on IT purchasing policy and procedure. This service is contacted when determining

Purchase Compliance (ITS)

The Purchase Compliance service offering investigates the appropriateness and completeness of purchase orders going to procurement.

Contracts (ITS)

The ITS Contracts service offering negotiates ITS related agreements with 3rd parties and ensures that the terms are in accordance with university policies.

Budget Forecasting (ITS)

The Budget Forecasting service offering provides standard, scheduled budget reports (finding) reflective of the current state of the CIO portfolio budget including applied changes.