Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) provisions the following key services to support the business needs of the University of Toronto community:

  1. Landing zone – implementation & managed
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Cloud consultation

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System Management

The System Management service is for clients with operating systems on a virtual machine hosted in the ITS Private Cloud by the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Hardware Infrastructure Group (EIS-HIG). This service includes: configuration (storage, CPU, memory/RAM) database access, firewalls, maintenance, monitoring, security, service disruption, upgrades, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP/Python/Perl), ASP.NET/MS SQL website hosting.

Network Time Service (NTP)

The Network Time Service (aka NTP) provided by EIS allows your Unix/Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers and workstations to obtain and maintain accurate time.

Phone set catalogue

The Phone Set Catalogue service offering conveys use of a catalogue of provider links to purchase supported telephone sets (Meridian business sets and single line sets).

VOIP Plans

The VoIP Plans service offering conveys access to flexible user communication & collaboration for use with University of Toronto provisioned mobile devices.

Bell Roaming Rates & Best Practices

The Bell Roaming Rates & Best Practices service offering conveys a mobile device roaming package for use with University of Toronto provisioned mobile devices while traveling

Audio Conferencing

The Audio Conferencing service provides conference calling capabilities to units who are unable to use Teams or other conferencing services to meet their requirements. This service may be used when organising larger meetings, perhaps across multiple organisations and countries, where a service such as Teams may not be practical.

Bell Conferencing Services

The Bell Conferencing Services service offering equips teams with access to tailored audio, video and web conferencing solutions to meet their specific needs.

Telecommunications Services

The Telecommunications Services service offering conveys access to telephone products, negotiated mobile services and rates, teleconference services, repairs, moves and changes to a recipient’s phone service (faculty and staff).