SAP Access & Security Architecture

The SAP Access and Security Architecture offering informs and advises on highly technical strategy, design, and implementation engagements focused on the user access and security controls required to support new and ongoing applications in the SAP infrastructure.

Production Control

The Production Control team is responsible for running programs (batch jobs) for the University’s SAP system. These jobs produce reports, generate data sets for secondary or dependent systems. Production Control assures that jobs are sequenced efficiently to get the optimum throughput.

User Research and Usability Lab

The User Research and Usability Lab service provides guidance and assistance for units seeking to improve the quality of their user interface. The unit runs acceptance testing for the delivery of software design based on user friendly principles and user requirements.

Test Automation

Implementing new applications, applying patches, or updating/upgrading systems requires testing in the development and QA environments before posting to the production environment. The Test Automation team co-ordinates test plan development and testing processes.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The Quality Assurance (QA) service offering advises on: Test Management; Functional Testing Best Practices; Functional Test Automation; Performance Test Automation; Test Management Best Practices using Jira (Zephyr), and Assistance with Preparation for an Internal IT Audit.

Enterprise Service Centre (ServiceNow)

The Enterprise Service Centre (ServiceNow) service offering provides business process workflows on the St. George campus instance of ServiceNow (initially for ITSM and HR). This environment provides the necessary framework for business process digital transformation including shared incident, problem, and knowledge management facilities as well as service catalog facilities. A full suite of business process digital transformation consulting, development, transition, training, and support (tier 2) services are available.

Next Generation Student Information Services (NGSIS)

The NGSIS service offering implements next generation student information services for students, faculty and staff, and establishes the technological infrastructure upon which the educational tools and services of tomorrow will be built. NGSIS is the foundational initiative that includes ACORN and the new student, and academic/administrative services such as Degree Explorer, tuition cost estimator, eMarks, awards discivery, and other applications and services that aim to streamline the interactions between students, faculty, and the University.

NGSIS Project Central

The NGSIS Project Central service offering conveys a locally hosted online project portfolio management resource utilized by the project management team to track the progress of initiatives under the NGSIS banner.

Simcoe Hall A/V Support

The Simcoe Hall A/V team maintains the technology in the Simcoe Hall meeting rooms, including the Governing Council Chambers and Board Roon, the President’s Board Room, and other meeting rooms throughout the building. The A/V Team ensures that meetings are appropriately configured and run smoothly. The Team is available to support in-meeting technology, and to assist in room preparation prior to events.

AMS Access Control

AMS Access Control is a service for staff and faculty that grants and revokes access to different functional areas of the University’s SAP platform. AMS Access Control services include initial set-up of access, modifications to existing access, password resets and troubleshooting support. AMS Access Control should be used when a University staff or faculty member requires support in initiating or modifying their access to the University’s SAP platform.

The AMS Access Control service is operated by the University’s Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI) unit.