Cloud Infrastructure

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) provisions the following key services to support the business needs of the University of Toronto community:

  1. Landing zone – implementation & managed
  2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  3. Cloud consultation

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System Management

The System Management service is for clients with operating systems on a virtual machine hosted in the ITS Private Cloud by the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Hardware Infrastructure Group (EIS-HIG). This service includes: configuration (storage, CPU, memory/RAM) database access, firewalls, maintenance, monitoring, security, service disruption, upgrades, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP/Python/Perl), ASP.NET/MS SQL website hosting.


The UTORrecover service offering is a professionally managed backup solution which can be used to backup servers applications such as databases or Exchange. The only requirement is that the client system must belong to the University and be on a University of Toronto network. There is no restriction or the type of hardware, OS, or amount of data to be backed up.

ITS Digital Workplace Team

The Digital Workplace (DW) provides departments with a core set of computing device, server, storage, and application management services. The DW team provides IT services and support for its clients in-person or remotely. The DW environment is a secure


The WordPress service offering provides access to a web content management platform for publishing websites

Active CMS

Active CMS is a legacy content management platform that hosts departmental websites for staff and faculty at the University of Toronto. Active CMS websites at the University are maintained by the Academic, Research & Collaborative (ARC) technologies group’s Web Services team. ARC can be contacted for issues and inquiries relating to Active CMS-hosted University websites.