Network Time Service (NTP)

The Network Time Service (aka NTP) provided by EIS allows your Unix/Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers and workstations to obtain and maintain accurate time.

Web Accessibility Webinar for Research-related Web Sites

This introductory webinar introduced the use of accessibility checkers for assessing research Web sites for accessibility compliance and issue identification. The webinar highlights the strengths and limitations of various accessibility trackers.

Jupyter Hub for Researchers 101

Project Jupyter is a non-profit, open-source project that supports interactive data science and scientific computing across programming languages.

This session provided a basic overview of Jupyter, the use of Jupyter Notebooks and Labs to create interactive computing environments and introduced the resources available through SciNet to support JupyterHub notebook sessions.

REDCap Basic Training II

REDCap is a free and secure web application that can be used to build and manage online surveys and databases. Building on the functions of Basis Training 1, the REDCap Basic Training II session educates participants on how to perform functions such as branching logic, piping, user rights management etc.

REDCap Basic Training I

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a free and secure web application that can be used to build and manage online surveys and databases. In the REDCap Basic Training I, participants are taught REDCap basic functions such as how to create a new project, enabling an instrument as a survey, methods of Inputting data etc.

CRIS Facilitation Toolkit

This interactive toolkit provides guidelines, tools and templates to help research teams to plan and execute highly effective collaborative engagements.

CRIS Compass Newsletter

A bi-monthly newsletter containing new or recently curated resources to support research and innovation activities at the University of Toronto.

Research Repositories @ U of T Information Video

This information video describes the use of data repositories for long-term storage and sharing of research data including: Dataverse and TSpace and resources for identifying external repositories.

Advanced Research Computing @ U of T Overview

This introductory video describes institution-wide advanced research computing resources available through the University including: SciNet and Compute Canada; The Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP); and Project Jupyter.