Internet Blocks

The Internet Blocks service offering protects University of Toronto systems against unwanted intrusion or attack by internet hosts due to malware infection (botnet), virus/worm propagation, denial-of-service attacks, spamming (botnet, open SMTP relay), etc.

Web Application Vulnerability Scan

The Web Application Vulnerability Scan service offering identifies vulnerabilities in a web application and provides recommendations to mitigate the likelihood the vulnerability would be exploited.

SSL/TLS Server Certificates

The SSL/TLS Server Certificates service offering provisions server security certificates used to ensure secure communications between servers and visitors and ensure the integrity of the transmitted information.


AdminVPN is also known as AdminsysVPN and Cisco AnyConnect VPN. AdminVPN provides strong authentication and secure network connections for systems and units at the University of Toronto. It is used by staff and faculty who need to access University-wide administrative systems such as ROSI, ROSI Express, ROSI Files and AMS. To access AdminVPN, a staff member or faculty member must be approved by their department. Users must be eligible for an eToken and have an eToken present when connecting to AdminVPN.

The AdminVPN service is operated by the University’s Information Security and Enterprise Architecture (ISEA) unit.


The UnitVPN service offering provides University of Toronto departments with VPN access to Divisional networks via AdminVPN system.


The UTORvpn service offering is the general VPN that provides University of Toronto with an institutional Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enable staff, faculty and graduate students secure access to University of Toronto’s internal network from and off campus locations.