Network Time Service (NTP)

The Network Time Service (aka NTP) provided by EIS allows your Unix/Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers and workstations to obtain and maintain accurate time.

Campus Wi-Fi

The Campus Wi-Fi service offering conveys access to the university’s online resources as well as general outside access. It is widely available across the University of Toronto tri-campus area.

DDI IP Network service

DDI IP supports an automatic and assignment of DNS names, IP addresses, on all devices on a given LAN. The DDI IP managed by the EIS Network Services group. DDI allows for plug and play for all wired hosts. The DDI IP Network Service offering provides information on how DNS is handled at University of Toronto

Network Switches VOR

The Network Switches VOR service offering advises on approved vendors for procurement of ethernet switches under the University of Toronto Master Purchase Agreement.

Virtual Firewall

The Virtual Firewall service offering provides a central packet filtering service which will allow network administers to control all traffic, to and from their LANs, from one unified interface.