Test Automation

Implementing new applications, applying patches, or updating/upgrading systems requires testing in the development and QA environments before posting to the production environment. The Test Automation team co-ordinates test plan development and testing processes.

Quality Assurance (QA)

The Quality Assurance (QA) service offering advises on: Test Management; Functional Testing Best Practices; Functional Test Automation; Performance Test Automation; Test Management Best Practices using Jira (Zephyr), and Assistance with Preparation for an Internal IT Audit.

Departmental IT Service Reviews

A consulting service available to departments who want to review all or parts of their local IT capabilities. Working independently or with ITS and partners, department faculty, staff, and students are interviewed. A report is issued with recommendations and priorities for advancing local IT services and accessing institutional IT resources.

TechQual Survey

The TechQual Survey service offering advises on the quality of IT services at the University of Toronto.

Gartner IT Score

The Gartner IT Scores are a collection of benchmarking toolkits that apply to different aspects of information technology deployments. Through a questionnaire, the IT Score methodology provides diagnostics are designed to help you measure, prioritize, and improve your function’s performance on critical activities. IT Score activities are facilitation by the Planning, Governance, and Assessment unit of the CIO Office. Contact: