Web Development Services

The Web Services & Development service offering interprets department or unit academic or administrative requirements to provide a turnkey website (re) design and hosting.

Zoom Videoconferencing

Zoom is a audio/video service that may be used for videoconferencing and webinars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zoom access is only provisionally approved pending the outcome of an RFP in 2021.

Phone set catalogue

The Phone Set Catalogue service offering conveys use of a catalogue of provider links to purchase supported telephone sets (Meridian business sets and single line sets).

VOIP Plans

The VoIP Plans service offering conveys access to flexible user communication & collaboration for use with University of Toronto provisioned mobile devices.

Bell Roaming Rates & Best Practices

The Bell Roaming Rates & Best Practices service offering conveys a mobile device roaming package for use with University of Toronto provisioned mobile devices while traveling

Audio Conferencing

The Audio Conferencing service provides conference calling capabilities to units who are unable to use Teams or other conferencing services to meet their requirements. This service may be used when organising larger meetings, perhaps across multiple organisations and countries, where a service such as Teams may not be practical.

Bell Conferencing Services

The Bell Conferencing Services service offering equips teams with access to tailored audio, video and web conferencing solutions to meet their specific needs.

Telecommunications Services

The Telecommunications Services service offering conveys access to telephone products, negotiated mobile services and rates, teleconference services, repairs, moves and changes to a recipient’s phone service (faculty and staff).

Web services

Advise, consultation and best practices. Maintain and bulid web propteries for the Office of the CIO and Office of the Chief Information Officer.

Simcoe Hall A/V Support

The Simcoe Hall A/V team maintains the technology in the Simcoe Hall meeting rooms, including the Governing Council Chambers and Board Roon, the President’s Board Room, and other meeting rooms throughout the building. The A/V Team ensures that meetings are appropriately configured and run smoothly. The Team is available to support in-meeting technology, and to assist in room preparation prior to events.