My Research Online (MROL)

The My Research Online service offering provides access to Primary Investigator (PI) accounts to enable review of research applications, ethical reviews or research funds administered by University of Toronto.
Accounting information related to FIS research accounts is refreshed daily. Summary and detailed views of the information are available.

My Research Application (MR)

The My Research Application service captures an on-line research funding application for entry of information that is automatically routed to the appropriate internal approvers for review and endorsement.

HRIS ROSI Interface

The HRIS ROSI Interface service offering conveys relevant HR data to the the Student Information System to better integrate the systems.

HRIS ServiceNow Interface

The HRIS ServiceNow Interface service offering conveys HR data to enable workflows in ServiceNow (e.g. only an employee can complete benefits related service requests)

HRIS Safety System Interface

The Safety System Interface service offering conveys HR data to a cloud based 3rd party system to provide safety incidents reports to University of Toronto managers

HRIS Uniforum Interface

UniForum is an international benchmarking programme for higher education run by Cubane Consulting. Its model has been developed to enable universities to compare the administration and support activities that they provide with those of similar institutions. The Uniform Interface conveys HR data to the Uniforum toolset and enables reporting.

uSource Procurement Service

The PROC uSource service offering conveys access to University of Toronto’s online marketplace for one-stop shopping (e-procurement).

HRIS Performance Assessment & Goal Setting

The HRIS Performance Assessment & Goal Setting service offering conveys access to a 3rd party web based performance management system for performance planning and assessment.

HRIS Time & Attendance (uTime)

The Time & Attendance service offering conveys web-based access to University of Toronto’s time management system. Currently deployed at select departments and scheduled to be deployed university wide.