Network Time Service (NTP)

The Network Time Service (aka NTP) provided by EIS allows your Unix/Linux, Windows, or MacOS servers and workstations to obtain and maintain accurate time.

Web Accessibility Webinar for Research-related Web Sites

This introductory webinar introduced the use of accessibility checkers for assessing research Web sites for accessibility compliance and issue identification. The webinar highlights the strengths and limitations of various accessibility trackers.


Survey and data collection tool

Zoom Videoconferencing

Zoom is a audio/video service that may be used for videoconferencing and webinars.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Zoom access is only provisionally approved pending the outcome of an RFP in 2021.

Policy, Protocols, Procedures and Guidelines

The Policy. Procedures and Guidelines (PPG) service is responsible for authoring, collating and presenting IT policies, procedures and guidelines and promoting them through the University. Units may obtain guidance on the implementation, application, and interpretation of PPG. Units may also request assistance in the development of local PPG. Suggestions for areas of PPG development may be sent here.

Gartner Research Services

The University maintains a 3-tiered license with Gartner. Gartner provides IT research, contract and RFP consulting, implementation guides. toolkits and templates for IT assessments, and access to analysts for consultations on a broad range of topics.

IT Services Catalogue

The IT Services Catalogue service offering advises on available IT services at University of Toronto.

Campus Wi-Fi

The Campus Wi-Fi service offering conveys access to the university’s online resources as well as general outside access. It is widely available across the University of Toronto tri-campus area.