AdminVPN is also known as AdminsysVPN and Cisco AnyConnect VPN. AdminVPN provides strong authentication and secure network connections for systems and units at the University of Toronto. It is used by staff and faculty who need to access University-wide administrative systems such as ROSI, ROSI Express, ROSI Files and AMS. To access AdminVPN, a staff member or faculty member must be approved by their department. Users must be eligible for an eToken and have an eToken present when connecting to AdminVPN.

The AdminVPN service is operated by the University’s Information Security and Enterprise Architecture (ISEA) unit.

Service Category: Information Security > Secure Computing
Service run by: Office of the Chief Information Officer > Information Security
Service for: faculty, staff
Service Charges: none
Lifecycle Status: in operation
Standard Availability: 24×7
Scheduled Downtime: Scheduled As Needed